Our single barrel tequilas are all small production and monitored by our master distiller to ensure quality in every barrel released. The distillate produced for the Tequila Cayéya Single Barrels is exposed to less oxygen during fermentation, allowing the barrel to shape the flavor profile of each product. 

The reposado is aged for 9 months in re-charred American white oak that previously aged whiskey. From the American oak, we are able to extract intense flavors of dark chocolate, wood, caramel, and vanilla – but our maturation process does not stop there. Each barrel is sampled by our distillery team to determine if the barrel is ready to be transferred to a French wine finishing cask or if it is to remain in the American Oak to mature to an Añejo. By transferring the distillate to a French wine cask, Tequila Cayéya Reposado is bold in the front palate while having a delicate finish. 

The tequila that was left to mature to Añejo is sampled again at 15.5 months and then moved to a French wine finishing cask for 2.5 months, a total of 18 months of aging. Because the distillate has spent close to a year and a half in American oak, the Añejo has powerful butterscotch, vanilla, and spices throughout. To maintain the most amount of flavor, Tequila Cayéya Añejo is bottled at cask strength.

At Casa Cayéya, we are always innovating. We have sourced casks from all over the world and are experimenting with different chars, aging, and finishing to create expressions that have never been done in agave before.